Carpet Tiles

Commercial carpet tiles are the easy, affordable and practical alternative in floor coverings. Heavy duty and hard wearing, our carpet tiles are contract graded, making them an ideal choice for areas with busy traffic.

Carpet tiles come in an extensive range of colours, patterns, textures and sizes. Add a splash of colour to brighten your office space! Incorporate school or club colours to personalize rooms!

Carpet tiles are modular, making them an affordable product to maintain. Although carpet tiles are heavy duty, accidents do happen. If you have damage to an individual tile or two, only those tiles will need to be replaced, rather than the whole room. This makes for a fast and affordable replacement, with minimal disturbance.

At St Clair Floor Coverings, we recognize the importance of sustainability. Our range of carpet tiles include products that help reach mazimum Green Star Ratings. By choosing carpet tiles for your project, you are reducing the amount of cut off waster that broadloom carpets genereally create.

Commercial carpet tiles have the option of cushioned backing, which provides noise and echo reduction, perfect for working environments. The cushion back also gives the tiles added comfort and softness under foot.